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“I’m feeling so conflicted! Who knew choosing chairs could be so difficult!? Here is a picture of our new concrete dining table.  I was initially looking for a chair with wood, but I’m open to other suggestions. We are doing dark cabinets with beech wood floors, white concrete counters and butcher block counter for the island.”

Danielle says:

Thank you for submitting your design dilemma to us. Based on the materials you selected — concrete countertops and dining table, dark cabinets, and beech wood floors — it sounds like you’re going for a rustic industrial vibe in your kitchen. Industrial style gives modern homes a raw sophisticated edge. The best thing about industrial interiors is that you can keep the color palette cool and neutral or add warmth with a simple pop of color. Depending on which direction you want to go, a cool or warm color palette would be suitable in your kitchen and compliment industrial materials. Let’s take a minute to explore both of these options.

Play up the industrial theme with dining chairs that have a metal frame or base. Aluminum chairs like these will pick up the cool gray tones in the concrete and the curved lines will soften the hard lines on the concrete table.

Deja-Vu Chair by Herman Miller

Bertoia Side Chair by Knoll


The beech wood floors will warm up your kitchen a bit and make it feel cozy. Since most of the finish materials in your space are neutrals, the dining chairs may be the perfect opportunity to invite a little color into the room. Opt for chairs in cheerful colors that butter up the tonality in the hardwood floors; make sure they have a metal base to tie in the industrial look.

Eames Molded Plastic Chair by Herman Miller


Hope this helps! And feel free to reach out to me with any other design questions!



Design Direction

“I have a cape cod contemporary two story on the water with large windows facing east. We have a beautiful whitewashed cedar ceiling. The floor has stark white 10″ floor tiles that are very hard to keep clean. I’d like to replace it with porcelain floor planking that looks like wood. I’m stuck trying to decide on the color for the floor. There are so many options. By the way, the doors are all whitewashed with a bright white wood trim. My style is classic with a bit of contemporary thrown in. We are planning on a redo of the fireplace as well as well as the kitchen.

Here is a summary of my decorating challenges:

  1. What color floor planking (porcelain) to put on the floor.
  2. What color to paint the new wood around our new fireplace.
  3. The kitchen cabinets are white washed.  I’m selecting white painted ones.  What color granite – light or dark for more or less of a contrast?
  4. The wood doors are all white washed too.  As is the railing going up the stairs.  Do I paint the railing white or?
  5. Do I paint the walls a lighter or darker color?

Whitewashed Cedar Ceiling

Here’s what Vastu senior designer Sarita Peresada had to offer: Read more

Apartment Therapy Event: Trendspotting!

August 22, 2011 · Posted in Interior design trends, Places to go in DC · Comment 

We have some pretty exciting news and if you’re a frequent reader of Apartment Therapy like we are, then you’ll want to listen up!

Vastu co-owner Eric Kole has been asked to join a guest panel, including Alex Sanchez of HGTV’s Design Star and Zoe Feldman of Zoe Feldman Design, for an open discussion and Q&A on Trendspotting: What’s Out, What’s In, What’s Back Again!

The meetup is on Tuesday, August 30th from 7 to 9PM at The Dunes in Columbia Heights.

If you’d like to attend, be sure to RSVP here and let us know you’re coming!

Vastu’s 10 tips to better design: #8

February 21, 2011 · Posted in Living room furniture · Comment 

#8: When more is more

Size matters in interior design and when size is an issue, creating multiple uses for items is the best way to get more out of less. Items that serve more than one purpose can save space and time, but also make good sense. A side table that also serves as storage and is strong enough to be used as seating when necessary is a great way to maximize your design dollar. By designing smaller pull-up chairs in the living space that are also compatible with your dining chairs in size and fabric, you’ll save space and money. Beds with storage underneath are a great way to maximize space, regardless of your budget. In many urban spaces, rooms are open and free-flowing; you need to choose each piece carefully to create a harmonious space where furniture can easily work in different areas. If you need help, just ask!

#1: Simple solutions, #2: Fabric first, #3: Mixed greens, #4: Art matters, #5: Crack a window, #6: Lighten up, #7: Location

Vastu’s 10 tips to better design: #2

February 7, 2011 · Posted in Interior design trends · Comment 

#2: Fabric First

Because there are an infinite number of paint choices but limited fabrics, floor coverings and window treatments, plan fabrics first and match your paints later!

Generally, using light shades of neutral color helps to keep rooms light and airy, but don’t be afraid of a patterned wall treatment or a few richly colored walls. These alternative treatments can often push the walls out and make the space look even larger. Sometimes going bold with big stripes and strong colors will give a dull room or bad view that perfect antidote. Fresh white ceilings or crown molding look crisp and clean but also draw the eye up and make the room seem open. A nifty trick for bedrooms is to paint the ceiling a pale blush color, which can flatter skin tones.

New condos that come in white or builder’s beige paint can seembland at times. Add instant warmth and style by selecting an accent color or choosing a few places to make a splash. Place a red bowl on the coffee table, colorful pillows on the sofa, bright artwork on the wall, or dress up a lamp shade. Go tone-on-tone by adding neutral tans and browns with lots of texture to keep a simple palette interesting (woven, grass, stone, leather, suede, smooth and rough).

Hint: Pillows and draperies can easily be changed out for each season if you have them ready for duty. Simply plan your color palette accordingly, and even buy them off season for possible bargain prices. To save space and money, only buy pillow covers to change out!

#1: Simple Solutions

Design Direction

September 29, 2010 · Posted in Bathroom design ideas, Design Direction · Comment 

Do you have a challenging space or need some design guidance? Design Direction is a chance for you to submit photos or videos of your design challenge(s) and a Vastu interior designer will provide you with some help. Every Wednesday we will feature one reader’s submission.

“I have the old ugly olive green bath tub, toilet and sink. The counter top has a green and white swirl look, the floor has 3 different kinds of green mixed in it. There is a beige and olive green tile border around the shower and bath tub. In my opinion there are too many greens, they don’t match – the whole things looks straight out of the 70s. I will get it all redone one day, but for now do you have any suggestions? We don’t have much money to put towards the project right now, but I’m wondering if we should paint or maybe wallpaper? Thanks!”

Read more

Design Direction

November 4, 2009 · Posted in Design Direction, Painting design ideas · Comment 

Do you have a challenging space or need some design guidance? Design Direction is a chance for you to submit photos or videos of your design challenge(s) and a Vastu interior designer will provide you with some help. Every Wednesday we will feature one reader’s submission.

“I have seen the walls beside sliding glass doors painted a dark shade to frame a view. I was thinking of doing this in my apartment with a medium blue green shade – Ralph Lauren Sanctuary is the paint colour. I have painted my backsplash and island this colour as well. Let me know what you think.”

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Keepin’ it kid friendly: Dining chairs

October 29, 2009 · Posted in Dining room design ideas, Dining room furniture · Comment 

As with dining tables, when it comes to food and kids, deciding what type of dining chair to get can be tough decision.  You need chairs that are incredibly easy to clean, but you want chairs that look great – chairs you’d be proud to have friends and family see.  Aside from getting the kids their own table and chairs, here are some suggestions from our designers on what type of dining chairs to look for…

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Design Direction

October 14, 2009 · Posted in Design Direction, Living room design ideas · 1 Comment 

Do you have a challenging space or need some design guidance? Design Direction is a chance for you to submit photos or videos of your design challenge(s) and a Vastu interior designer will provide you with some help. Every Wednesday we will feature one reader’s submission.

“I have this beautiful blue Pierre Paulin ribbon chair in my living room with more traditional desks and bookcases. I’m in search of a large sofa and two chairs, the sofa opposite the ivory brick fireplace and the two chairs in front of it. I have ivory silk drapes and tan (sort of grasscloth) wallpaper. I’m stuck for both color choices and styles. Would so appreciate your advice and the advice of your readers. Thanks!”

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Krissy says…

October 9, 2009 · Posted in Living room design ideas · Comment 

Who is Krissy and why should you care about what she has to say?  Krissy is a NYC-based interior designer for Vastu.  Once a month we will check in with a Vastu designer to hear their thoughts on design, trends, tips, etc.  So, Krissy says…

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