Lighting Fixtures that Save Daylight

November 5, 2012 · Posted in Interior design trends, Lighting fixtures 

This past weekend marked the end of Daylight Saving Time and we all moved our clocks back 1 hour (except those of you in Arizona and Hawaii). On top of occasionally messing with the amount of sleep you get, DST is designed to make the most of our sunlight hours during the summer.

So what’s one to do when daylight saving time ends in the fall and we head into those shorter days? One solution is to work with the lighting you have in your home!

Lighting design has come a long way and new technologies and materials are being developed everyday. Here are some of the Vastu team’s favorite lighting products!

  • Kelvin LED F floor lamp Kelvin LED F floor lamp This is a favorite of both Vastu co-owner Jason Claire and designer Sarita Peresada: Jason says, "It's 'dimmable', articulates, can light a book or a piece of artwork on a wall (or both). It's flexible, literally!" Sarita's reasoning? "Because it's simple, stylish and functional, not to mention it's compact and great for tight spaces!"
  • Link Pendant Link Pendant Designer Jordan Casale likes the Link Pendant, "I like the link pendant; I see it as art that also acts as a light. It has a big impact without a big price tag."
  • Skygarden Recessed ceiling light Skygarden Recessed ceiling light New operations manager Jason Barnes had this to say about his favorite, the Skygarden Recessed ceiling light: "One may call me an 'old queen', but the Skygarden Recessed ceiling light by Flos is my absolute favorite. This fixture provides a stunning glow with a hidden fleur de lis etched into the dome. By far, the most effortlessly advanced and fantastic lighting I've seen in years!"
  • Mini Mikado Pendant Mini Mikado Pendant The Mini Mikado Pendant, with its thin strips of wood veneer, is designer Nadia Powell's favorite "because it's the perfect example of functional art!"
  • Taccia table lamp Taccia table lamp The Taccia table lamp is the favorite of Vastu co-owner Eric Kole. "I've always loved this lamp, even before we started our partnership with Flos. It's sexy, somehow looks both classic and brand new, it looks 'Hollywood' and glamorous, the light is diffused and flattering and it's sculptural. This lamp can carry a whole room's style on its own!"


My personal favorite is the Solitaire Pendant in the effervescent glass finish.

The shape is simple but that’s what draws me to this fixture. Whether you have one or several in a group, the Solitaire Pendant can lean either traditional or contemporary depending on its surroundings.

Here are links to the rest of the Vastu team’s favorites:

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